My Journey to Motherhood


We're elated to share that we’ve embarked on a new chapter and are expecting a little boy in August. Pete and I are thrilled to share this news with you, as we’ve been holding it tight for the past 14 weeks.

 Being a couple who has experienced loss, the news of a pregnancy held both excitement and slight anxiety. Every week during the first trimester was a celebration as we witnessed the feelings of anxiety slip away, inching closer to the second tri. We could not be happier to be joining other parents in the wild and wonderful adventure of parenthood and are overjoyed that another little boy has chosen the two of us as his parents.

Over the next several months, I will share my road to motherhood with each of you. Showing up as transparent as I always am, getting real about all things pregnancy related. I’ll, of course, be sharing my own journey with The Bloom Method as it guides me to my birth marathon and into motherhood but you can also expect advice on beauty tricks, nutrition musts, pregnancy fashion [from naked sensation activewear to fashion-forward clothing lines], and what I think all mother’s to be needed for baby’s first year.

Since creating TBM, motherhood has always felt like a part of me - maybe it’s the space that I hold for so many other mothers who choose The Bloom Method or maybe it’s simply who I am, the mother that exists in all of us whether we show up as mothers physically, mentally, or emotionally. As I head down this new path, I’m prepared to be broken open in new ways, softened to incredible measures, and taught things that will allow me to shine in epic proportions. I believe that motherhood has the ability to provide a shift in us that nothing else can, and I am embracing all of it with each passing day.

I look forward to sharing my experience boldly with the TBM community. I can’t promise that it will always be pretty, after-all, I’m not much of a sugar coat kind of girl. What I do guarantee you’ll get through my experience is honesty, complete transparency, good belly laughs, inspiration from one female to another, new insight and understanding and lots of love. After losing our first little boy back in July, I knew how much deeper I would treasure motherhood if it came my way again. I’m currently enjoying every aspect of the first 15 weeks and even though it hasn’t all been easy, I constantly seek the silver lining to get me through with a smile and expansive amounts of gratitude. Motherhood is an incredible blessing and I couldn’t be happier that this sweet soul has chosen me to be his mama! He is already so loved by so many and we are thrilled to bear witness to this expansion of love throughout his lifetime.

I know that as a mama, there are going to be some crazy wild rides and I eagerly look forward to all the windy roads and bumps along the way! Thanks for being a part of the road we're are in the process of paving…..

Cheers to motherhood, parenthood, and the life lessons that this path gifts us!!!

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