Your path to an Empowered Pregnancy and Postpartum Experience.

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The Empowered Pregnancy and Postpartum Movement Experience You’ve been Searching for.

Recommended by doctors, midwives, doulas, physical therapists, and mamas worldwide.

The Bloom Method is redefining pre and postnatal fitness, changing how women connect to their bodies for life.

meditation for moms

Explore programs for every stage of Motherhood.

Reimagine what your motherhood journey gets to look and feel like. Find the right workout plan for you.


Discover over 1k individual classes outside of our guided programs.

explore classes


Discover over 1k individual classes outside of our guided programs.

explore classes

What’s Included?

When you join Studio Bloom, you gain access to a wealth of resources designed to support you throughout your pre and postnatal fitness journey.

1k+ Fitness Classes

Choose from a wide variety of fitness classes, including strength, HIIT, Barre, Boxing, Cycling, Yoga, Meditation, and audio-based training.

20+ Guided Programs

We offer expertly crafted programs to guide you through different phases of your pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Expert Coaching

Access smart + effective workouts geared towards whichever stage of motherhood you’re in with our leading pre and postnatal fitness instructors.

Individual 1-1 Support

Enjoy 1-1 coaching support to tailor your experience to your unique needs and goals. Connect with coaches directly through audio, video, or text.

Pelvic Floor Specialists

Access in-house pelvic floor physical therapists who can help you prevent and address common pregnancy and postpartum issues.

Revolutionary Techniques

Benefit from our proprietary techniques, including the innovative 'Belly Pump,' designed to deliver better core results, even after pregnancy.

Trusted by Medical Pros

Recommended by doctors, midwives, doulas, nurses, physical therapists, and mamas worldwide.

+ So Much More!

Monthly Workout Calendars, Access on All Devices, Mobility and Meditation Practice, Active Community Support

Your Path to a Stronger Pregnancy and Postpartum Experience: Exercise Anytime, Anywhere with Studio Bloom

Our methods strengthen you during pregnancy, prepare you for childbirth, and facilitate a smarter postpartum recovery. The Bloom Method is trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide, including doctors, midwives, doulas, nurses, physical therapists, and mothers everywhere.

Join Studio Bloom today and be a part of the movement redefining pre and postnatal fitness, empowering women to connect with their bodies for life.

The Heart of The Bloom Method

The Bloom Method is designed by experts with the modern mom in mind.

Incorporating The Bloom Method means committing to your movement practice in a new way. We invite you to redefine the way you move through creating a deeply woven connection with your core + pelvic floor every time you show up to workout. Through dynamic practices, functional movements, innovative techniques and coherent cueing you'll experience a new level of challenge in our strength, cardio and pilates-fusion style classes - all while connecting to a new form of body awareness through our groundbreaking philosophies in one life-changing exercise method.

Experience the ultimate at-home fitness app designed exclusively for moms.

We're not just here to challenge you; we're here to empower you and promote core and pelvic floor wellness. Whether you're expecting, in the early postpartum phase, or a seasoned mom with years of experience, The Bloom Method App is your fitness companion.

Our mission is clear: Empower moms at every stage of motherhood through specialized programs and support. Join us on your journey to feeling strong, confident, and revitalized.

Real results from our members


"I am so grateful for this app and program. I was able to maintain a very strong core and pelvic floor throughout pregnancy. At only 1 week postpartum, I feel stronger than I did pre-pregnancy!"

Allison B.

"These classes are safe, effective, motivating, and empowering! I have struggled with Diastasis since my first pregnancy 9 years ago, and these programs have been a godsend for me."

Talia T.

"The Bloom Method is an amazing app to keep mamas in shape! I've learned so much about my core and pelvic floor that helped tremendously with labor and postpartum."

Cheryl L.

"Incredibly grateful for this program! I gave birth 5 weeks ago and by doing this app during pregnancy, I immediately felt stronger instantly after giving birth. True game changer!"

Olivia M.

"I used Studio Bloom during both of my pregnancies and I'm so glad I did. My core is stronger than it was before kids and my ability to return to my normal exercise classes postpartum was all because of their approach to rehabbing the body after birth."

Lauren T.

"Words cannot express how lucky I feel to have found Bloom. During my second pregnancy, I signed up for Bloom and it changed everything. 1.5 years pp and I still use this app! It's amazing!"

Caitlin T.

"I started Bloom before I conceived and throughout my pregnancy. I give full credit to it for how great I felt and how great my birth was. My midwife was blown away with my core awareness after birth. Worth every single penny."

Astrid C.

"After struggling with a severe diastasis (3 babies back to back), I found Bloom and Wow! I started with their rehab program and followed it with their other core programs & was able to completely heal my 4 finger diastasis. I thought I'd never do planks again, but I do them weekly! Thanks Bloom Team!"

Riley M.

"I am so glad I found Studio Bloom! I experienced pelvic floor injuries after my first and I wanted to be best prepared for my 2nd birth. I am now 12 weeks postpartum and can happily say my recovery has been night and day. I can't think Bloom enough!"

Jenna S.

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Meet our Founder

Rooted in a desire to empower women before, during, and after pregnancy, Brooke set out to help women redefine what movement was throughout the journey of motherhood. She is a Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Core Rehabilitation Specialist and Prenatal and Postnatal Holistic Health Coach, contributor to Motherly, Well + Good, Healthline, Goop, and more.

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Your Path to an Empowered Pregnancy and Postpartum Movement Experience

Over 25 guided programs and 1k classes for every stage of your motherhood journey.

Starting as low as $17/month after Free Trial!