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The Bloom Method is an innovative fitness method, rapidly changing the way women perceive movement before, during and after birth.

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Along with prenatal vitamins and regular doctor’s appointment,The Bloom Method should be an essential part of your prenatal experience. Brooke’s knowledge and passion for pre-and-postnatal health and wellness is unmatched. Thanks to the regular workouts and the prenatal exercises that Brooke taught me, I feel amazing, and my belly is tight (no one can believe that I’m almost 7 months along!) The Bloom Method is a fundamental investment in baby and mommy’s health. ~ Bonne Rada


Medical Interventions

Exercising during pregnancy decreases your chance of medical intervention by over 55%

45 min

Lessens Pushing Time

Our clients & first-time moms are experiencing record-breaking “Push times” as on average, our moms are pushing for 30-45 minutes.

Less than 5%

Diastasis Recti

Our method drastically decreases the chance of Diastasis Recti [abdominal separation] in pregnant and postpartum women. Less than 5 percent of our moms show signs of separation post birth.