How it Works

We're not just here to challenge you; we're here to empower you and promote core and pelvic floor wellness. Whether you're expecting, in the early postpartum phase, or a seasoned mom with years of experience, The Bloom Method App is your fitness companion. Here’s how to get started:

Step One

Get Started

Complete the 14-day START HERE Program based on where you're currently at in your journey. You can choose from TTC, Prenatal, Early Postnatal, and Postnatal (6+ months). Each program is located at the top of your app, desktop view, or TV application under the Start Here category.

Beginning with one of our 14-day programs will give you the instant gratification workouts you desire while teaching you our core & pelvic floor foundational techniques to help you lay down the basic fundamentals of core strength, injury prevention, and healing. These core & pelvic floor building blocks will continue to deliver the strongest results you've ever had. 

start working out after birth

Step Two

Build Community & Receive 1:1 Support 

We have a thriving in-app community of moms, ranging from first-time moms to veteran moms who have been with Bloom for several pregnancies. We invite you to join in the conversations, share progress photos, and ask questions for that extra community support we all love. Take advantage of your complimentary individual coaching with our founder or one of our head coaches. 

Each woman who chooses Bloom comes to us for different reasons and with a variety of goals in mind. We want to help you thrive in all your seasons. Our coaches are here to guide you through individual support, recommendations, and dialed in expert coaching; you get much more than just a sweaty workout from Studio Bloom! No question is off the table. We're here as your cheerleaders, your personal trainers, an extra set of eyes on form or core connection, and your biggest support network of experts. Connect with us via audio, text, or video and we'll help you resolve current issues, help you reach your goals, and introduce you to the strongest version of yourself. Remember to press the PLAY button on the video to be prompted to connect with us. 

postpartum fitness coaching

Step Three

Move the Way You Want

We all crave different things when it comes to our workouts. Our goal is to continuously meet you where you are. Options are overflowing within the app; we truly want all of your needs to be met. You have 3 main ways to workout with us: 

1. Choose a guided program or Individual classes based on your needs, stage of motherhood, or goals (if you need help choosing our coaches are here to guide you, just reach out!) 1st Trimester Options | 2nd Trimester Options| 3rd Trimester Options| 4th Trimester Options | 13+ Weeks Postpartum Options

2. Build your monthly workout calendar within our calendar feature. Just add classes to the days you want to move and press play. Monthly Calendar

prenatal and postpartum workout options
Options Options Options

We have workout options to fit every mood and energy level

Our experts truly thought of it all when it comes to the education, workouts, nutrition, and meditations within Studio Bloom. Your choices around how to move and reach your goals are endless. With close to 1,000 classes to choose from, a variety of fitness modalities, and new classes & programs added monthly, we've got you covered. You can squat, plank, curl, and sweat in any workout, but Bloom invites you to redefine the way you connect with your body in a way that supports you in bigger ways than your movement practice ever has. With Studio Bloom, your workouts will be upleved dramatically through the work we do together. So, let's do this! Choose the way you want to view your classes, grab some H20, roll out your mat, and press play! It's time to reclaim your relationship with fitness!

Explore Our Guided Programs

Say Goodbye to guesswork. We offer 15+ Guided Programs designed to help your reach your goals without confusion. Whether you are looking to build strength, recover from childbirth, or find a moment for yourself, our programs will get you there.

Join The Bloom Method today to embark on a transformative pre and postnatal fitness journey like no other. It's everything you need, right at your fingertips.