No Equipment, No Problem

Use These Common Household Items to Complement Your Bloom Workouts!

It has been really tough to get our hands on workout equipment over the past few months due to the unusually high demand. Fortunately, our homes are actually full of useful items that can be used to complement our workouts. It might take a bit more creativity than just grabbing the equipment you need at the gym, but we’ve got you covered! Here are some great, Bloom-approved ideas for your “home gym” where a lack of professional workout equipment won’t stop you from getting in a Studio Bloom sweat sesh!


We use light and heavy dumbbells or a Kettle Bell in a lot of Bloom classes. These items are easily replaced by the following items:

  • Water bottles (filled with water or sand)

  • Cans of food

  • Books

  • Paint cans

  • Water gallons

  • Laundry detergent 

  • Backpack filled with books or cans of food

  • Weighted tools such as a sledgehammer


Sliders force you to engage your muscles throughout the entire exercise. We use them for a lot for core and leg exercises, but there is an endless list of exercises where they can come in handy. No sliders on hand? Try paper plates or hand towels!


Yoga Mat

BOSU Balls are super versatile piece of workout equipment aimed at strength and balance. Try using a couch cushion to simulate the stability challenge of a BOSU.

We suggest a light-weight beach, bathroom towel, or rug to replace the yoga mat. If you have a microfiber towel with grippers, even better!


There are lots of way that you can get your suspension trainer workout in without the actual TRX or other equipment. We suggest using our Bloom Mini-Loop Resistance Bands Bloom around  a door handle for rows (currently in-stock at The Bloom Store) or grab a rope from your garage to simulate the same workout.

*In addition to dumbbells, resistance bands are probably the most common piece of equipment used in Studio Bloom videos. We suggest having a set on hand to target all areas of the body!

OTHER Useful Props

  • Chair for inclined/declined pushups, step-ups, and tricep dips.

    *Expert tip: Make sure to put it up against the wall so it doesn’t slide!

  • Stairs for cardio and calf raises

  • Broom or mop for shoulder mobility work 

We hope that this list of household equipment substitutions is useful for your Bloom workouts and to maintain a good level of activity in your day. These are cheap alternatives to sold-out (or pricey) workout equipment!

Keep in mind that Studio Bloom has Equipment-Free workouts for both prenatal and postnatal mamas where you will use only bodyweight and resistance for extremely effective workouts. Get your 10% off your first month of Studio Bloom using the code FIRSTMONTH to access these classes!

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