Heal & Restrengthen

Heal Injuries &
Re-Strengthen After Birth

Discover a deep core reconnection, pelvic floor balance and discover strength for life!

The Bloom Method’s Studio Bloom fuses challenging, effective workouts with cutting-edge birth-prep workouts and post-natal healing techniques. Wherever you are on your motherhood journey, you’ll find classes tailored for you, whenever you need them—middle of the night or middle of the day, intense workout or gentle movement, and whether you have 45 minutes to workout or just 6—we’ve got you covered!

Postnatal Classes

REHAB: Fourth Trimester REHAB is your 6 week series dedicated to rehab, re-strengthen, and re-lay your core + pelvic floor’s foundation for a stronger and safer return to exercise postpartum. This series is a great starting ground for all postpartum women new to Bloom, looking to address a diastasis and see better core based results for life.

CONNECT: Our core connect classes focus on progressing you through smart + challenging movements that target your mid-section and pelvic floor. Think of these classes as a precursor to more challenging core exercises while diving into your core deeper than before.

SCULPT: Sculpt classes focus on creating muscle fatigue through thoughtfully designed sequences built to exhaust the primary muscle group(s) often in isolation. You can expect to sculpt, lengthen, and strengthen  your entire body in each class.  

DEFINE: If you’re ready to level up your core workouts, DEFINE is your jam. These classes are packed with moves that require mastery level core connection, breath usage, and IAP management. Such a great place to be in you’re feeling ready to leave Bloom and set sail on your next movement based venture.

CARDIOHIIT: These classes were born to make you sweat! Effective cardio/hiit focused workouts that will increase your heart rate while building strength all at the same time. These workouts can offer both low + high impact, you choose what you need.

STRENGTH: Functional strength + movement taught with medium weights and dynamic movements. 

FLOW: It’s like the vinyasa flow you love melded with the Bloom foundations your body craves. We’ll keep you flowing through your asanas with added awareness to your core + pelvic floor. 

MVMT: These classes are more movement less flow with an emphasis on heating up the body through breath work inspired movements that strengthen + lengthen. 

EXPRESS: Short on time? Thinking about skipping your workout? With our express classes you can squeeze in that muscle burning sweat session regardless of your time constraint. These classes may be small in length but that create a burn that will last all day. 

Foundations Education

The Bloom Method Foundations are key to changing the way you move for life. The Diaphragmatic Breath and Belly Pump are our initial foundational techniques. Learning and mastering these techniques and our other foundations will not only ensure you get the most out of your Studio Bloom workouts, but they will also allow you to prevent injury and strengthen your body in a whole new way. Learn more about all of our foundations within Studio Bloom.

Diaphragmatic Breath

The first foundational technique within The Bloom Method is the Diaphragmatic Breath. This is the most vital component you learn within Studio Bloom. It may sound simple, but this form of breathing sets up the foundation for your entire core unit. When you think about strengthening your core, it should start with learning how to diaphragmatically breathe. Learn how within Studio Bloom!

Belly Pumping

The second foundational technique of The Bloom Method is Belly Pumping. Master the ability to connect to your inner core unit correctly both in daily life and while exercising with this powerful move. Belly pumping is the diaphragmatic breath paired with intentional activation with the same muscles that move with each breath. This move builds your deep core unit, strengthening, balancing and lengthening your muscles to give your body an incredibly strong foundation. Learn more inside of Studio Bloom.

Heal abdominal separation safely & effectively.

Months and years of rehab don’t have to happen, and core exercises don’t have to be avoided *forever* because of injury. The Bloom Method empowers mamas with the knowledge to understand the beautiful way our bodies are designed to make room for a baby while learning to allow abdominal separation to happen naturally and without increased pressure in order to prevent injury and diastasis recti.

Studio Bloom classes are unparalleled to other prenatal classes and programs out there *because* we use techniques that have been proven to prevent and heal diastasis recti.

Want to discover exercises you can use to prevent diastasis? Join Studio Bloom today!

Say bye-bye to kegels.

Pelvic-perineal dysfunctions are among the most common diseases in women after pregnancy. The muscles in your pelvic floor become stretched during pregnancy and birth. The weight of your baby, hormones that loosen your tissues, and the efforts of labor all put pressure on this part of your body. Kegels have traditionally been the go-to exercise to strengthen this area. The Bloom Method, however, creates a balance in your pelvic floor and core that will continue to support you for life. Motherhood doesn’t mean you have to pee yourself!

If you are battling postnatal pelvic discomfort, we have classes to that will help you ease it and learn modification to support you.

Join Studio Bloom today!

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