Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway


It's that time of year when we're bombarded with gift guides of all shapes and sizes. Elaborate gift guides to help us buy the most exciting products to hit the scene. This year we wanted to share our favorite "mom style" products so that you can gift yourself with a little love this season. To add to the joy of the holiday season, we wanted to show our gratitude to all our mom followers but not just telling you what our favorite gifts are but giving each gift away in a celebratory way. For nine days we'll be playing Oprah on our Instagram feed and gifting our gift guide to nine lucky Bloom mamas!

Each gift in our guide has been hand-picked based on innovation, mama support, baby development, mama self-care, and love. Our choices provide support and enjoyment to modern moms in various ways and we're sure you'll find each of them surprisingly necessary.

First up, one of my personal favorites the Hypervolt by Hyperice. I'm in a love affair with all of Hyperice's vibrating facial tools but the Hypervolt has really stepped it up for my postpartum needs.

I found early on that IF I found the time to roll out any muscle tension, Leven would wake up within moments of getting started. Once I received the Hypervolt, everything changed. Now, I can get exactly what I need from the vibration tool in a matter of moments due to its efficiency and speed. This fascia gun is my favorite self-care tool and travels everywhere I do. Feeling sore pre or post workout, or simply wanting to aid in your healing PP, this tool can solve all your fascia issues. It's like a deep tissue massage with 10 hands :) 

Next on our list is the Sakura Bloom carrier. If I could sing from the mountain tops how much I love these carriers I would but instead, we're adding it to our gift guide and giving one of our followers a $100 gift card to purchase your own. Once you've experienced your first use, you too can want to sing it's praises. Besides being the best looking carrier available to moms like us, it's hands down the most comfortable and functional carrier I've ever used. When we first started using the Scout, I was skeptical as to how well it would do on long hikes and if it would remain as comfortable to mine or my husband's bodies. One strenuous hike was all we needed to have this carrier prove itself yet again. After a 3 hour hike, the carrier was as comfortable as the moment I put it on and the biggest piece of magic is that our little guy sleeps every time we wear him in this design forward carrier.

All nursing mamas need a functional nursing bra and that's why Ollie Gray Anywhere bra made our holiday guide. This super comfortable bra isn't just a nursing bra but it has multiple bells and whistles to make any mama get through her day a little easier. Adding to the ease of nursing is the ability to pump hands free with the help of this bra. It also doubles as a sports bra and can be worn to your favorite yoga or Studio Bloom class.

The Anywhere bra comes in an array of colors and will easily make your holiday travels move along with ease.  

Studio Bloom subscribers might recognize Sarah Jane Sandy name through our nutrition guides but did you know that Sarah has been working with hundreds of women and couples to improve and optimize fertility health for the last 10+ years. Sarah stands firm in her belief that it’s 100% possible to improve your fertility and become a mother. The Fertility Code is a 12-week online protocol designed to prepare your body for conception and a graceful journey into a healthy, full-term pregnancy. I believe strongly in everything that Sarah does and see her as a wealth of knowledge for all mamas. I couldn't have imagined a gift guide that didn't include her powerful program and we get to give it away for FREE. Say goodbye to fertility stress and unleash the mother within through the Fertility Guide's potent information.  

At The Bloom Method, it's clear that we love your pelvic floor and wish optimal pelvic floor health for every woman. Knowing this, it's easy to see why the Elvie pelvic floor trainer is a top contender as a mama gift. The Elvie is sleek, design forward, and functional in teaching you how to not only strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor but also in getting you to tap into it's lengthening or relaxation potential. The Elvie's modern design is comfortable and extremely easy to use. The biofeedback is provided via an app that guides you through various "games" in order to create optimal balance to your pelvic floor muscles. Using the Elvie daily or even a few times a week is guaranteed to change your pelvic floor game and is safe to use with prolapse and symptoms of incontinence. I can't wait for you to try this amazing little device that comes with a punch of power and the ability to create positive change in your body. 

Every modern mom needs a good diaper bag, one that not only carries all of babies needs but one that also allows for the organization required to find all of the things we stuff in these bags. We think the Ju-Ju-be diaper bags do just this while providing the stylish needs most modern moms crave.  have more than one little? these bags will provide all the space you'll need. Ju Ju-Be even caters bags for dads on the go and with a variety of styles, these diaper bags are guaranteed to keep everyone in the family stylish and organized.  

With all the toy's that exist for our little's, we feel the overwhelming need to simplify. That's why our favorite baby toy's come from Loveevery and we love their play gym so much that it is the only baby gift to make our guide. When it comes to baby's developmental stages, Loveevery takes the cake in creating the most innovative creations. Their play gym is designed solely to capture your child's attention and focus it in on the specific developmental needs at that time. The gym even turns into a fort style play gym as your little one grows and requires a little more adventure in their play. I was amazed that even at 2.5 months old, Leven was enamored by the Loveevery play gym and seemed to enjoy it much more than the average play mat we had purchased before he was born. I loved the gym so much that I even subscribed Leven to their toy subscription and yes, you guessed it, your subscription includes a box of toys based on each developmental stage. There has been so much thought put into every aspect of LoveEvery and what they offer our littles. This gift is hands down one of the best baby gifts of 2018. 

Every modern mom deserves a great swimsuit and even more importantly is the need to feel spectacular in your swimsuit. That's just one of the reasons we're in love with Kortni Jeane Swim Line. Kortni is known for creating beautiful swim pieces that flatter all body types and allow each individual woman to shine. Through mix n match design, you have the ability to create your own look with Kortni's swimmers - don't stress about a specific design not working for your body type because all you have to do is swap it for a look that wow's you. With our gift guide, we decided to give you twice the Kortni Jeane love and add a matching mini suit for the ultimate cute style. Now you and your little can mix n match in the cutest of ways. 

What mama doesn't love jewelry? Threads Worldwide sources their jewelry from women around the world, bringing their artisanal skills to an abundant marketplace here in the US. Through their offerings and support of female artists, Threads is empowering women all over the globe and we love empowerment based businesses. We wanted to take an extra step around the idea of shopping local and expand to shopping ethically and globally to support women all over the world. We've picked some of our favorite pieces from the Threads Worldwide women but promise that you'll fall in love with many of the pieces currently being made by their artisans. Choose to celebrate women globally this year and give the gift of fair trade gifts.

At the tail end of our Holiday Gift Guide, we left space for a Studio Bloom subscription. We might be biased but we think Studio Bloom is the perfect gift for any mama and can provide a sense of empowerment and strength that surpasses their journey into motherhood. With over 50 workout classes, educational videos, mama meditations, nutrition, and more Studio Bloom is your one-stop shop for an innovative virtual fitness studio. We guarantee that attending classes on Studio Bloom with produce endless benefits, prevention and healing of pregnancy-related injuries, birth prep strategies and quicker postpartum results helping you take leaps and bounds towards your fitness goals this year.

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