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Lower Body Express Class (Safe For All) | BirthPREP Workout | Postnatal MamaSTRONGER Workout

We’ve brought The Bloom Method on demand with Studio Bloom! We’ve got loads of workouts and education videos that will have you feeling empowered, sweaty, and strong. Plus we have monthly workout calendars, series, challenges, mama meditations, nutrition support and stretches for your pregnant or postpartum body.

Work on building the muscles to prevent diastasis recti, incontinence, and other pregnancy-related injuries. Learn methods and exercises that are proven to shorten pushing time during pregnancy

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I just gave birth to my second baby and the experience was so much better than my first! I really believe that even just practicing the Foundations courses, using the diaphragmatic breath, and focusing on my inner core while pushing really made all the difference.

I only had to push for 7 minutes and ended up only needing one suture as a precaution. The doctor felt like I didn’t exacerbate any of the injuries from my previous pregnancies and I am so happy about that! This time I felt like I was able to work with my body through labor instead of against it and it really changed how I feel in these postpartum days. The things you are teaching women are so amazing and beneficial and you have no idea how grateful I am to have the option to take the classes from Nebraska. Thank you so much!

HC, Studio Bloom Member