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brooke cates the bloom methodBrooke Cates

Founder + CEO

Hi mamas! I’m beyond thrilled to share my method as it’s helped thousands of women just like YOU!  I created The Bloom Method with a desire to empower women through movement before, during & after their pregnancies. Realizing that there were huge missing links in both the mainstream & pregnancy fitness worlds, I wanted to create a fitness method that empowered women throughout their pregnancies, teaching them tools that would help to prepare them for labor in a new way. Using various groundbreaking methods, I provide pregnancy + birth exercise fitness to mamas in Boulder, Co as well as via Skype & travel training. I’m a certified personal trainer, Pre & Postnatal corrective exercise specialist, Core rehabilitation specialist and Pre & Postnatal holistic health coach.

I have spent years immersed in education surrounding pregnancy and exercise, modifications of movement during pregnancy, specific breathing techniques and how a woman’s connection to her body during pregnancy creates endless benefits for both mom and baby. My passion for empowering pregnant women through body awareness and movement techniques is contagious and I hope to leave you feeling strong, confident and more prepared for your birth experience.

The Bloom Method is a specialty Pre and Postnatal exercise method that consists of diastasis recti rehabilitation + prevention, labor training, functional exercise movements & innovative core techniques that will keep you strong and thriving far beyond pregnancy. I use different methods of each of these to prepare my clients for childbirth along with the mental & physical demands of being a new mom.

I believe that women have the ability to gift their children with crucial health benefits during the 9 months of pregnancy. Adopting a safe & active lifestyle can provide the building blocks needed to ensure these benefits. Regardless of how you enjoy staying active, I look forward to providing you with the tools to guide you through the next stage in life while redefining the way you exercise during & post pregnancy.

Kari the bloom method

Kari Sullivan

 Lead Instructor

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amy the bloom method

Amy Harris

Yoga Lead

In May 2016, I gave birth to my daughter. The experience of pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother struck me in several ways. One, it has the potential to be the ultimate empowerment and enlightenment experience. Two, I felt like the mainstream and even alternative information about motherhood had huge missing links. 

I am a former ballerina with a Masters in Spiritual Science. I am a leader in the Boulder yoga community and have lead over 20 trainings; including Yoga Pod’s Seva Teacher Training for Yoga Journal Magazine. In addition to yoga, my work in the world has included, producing Yoga Festivals, educating future yoga teachers, consulting in conscious businesses, coaching conscious entrepreneurs, and creating collaborative online education programs. 

I am inspired to guide pregnant women and new mamas in trusting their intuition and wisdom through yoga, coaching, community, and meditation. A happy healthy mama makes a happy healthy family, and happy healthy families make a happy healthy human family. 

Amy Harris, ERYT, MSS

Rachel the bloom method

Rachel Snow


I began my studies as a midwife and supporting women as a doula, as well as teaching prenatal belly dance, 5 years ago. I simply love movement and supporting women in finding ways to move comfortably and powerfully in their bodies during pregnancy.

I discovered The Bloom Method during my first pregnancy and was blown away with the strength and connection I felt in my body as a result. Practicing The Bloom Method techniques offered my growing body support in ways other prenatal modalities did not. The functional strength I gained allowed me to continue the physical activities I loved such as skiing, hiking, dancing, and strength training throughout my pregnancy. I was hooked, and so grateful I learned how to safely and effectively use my body during this time.

Pregnancy will never cease to awe me in terms of the power our bodies are capable of, while at the same time shed light on the many ways women often lack support and education during this critical life stage. As a birth attendant, I have witnessed the vast difference in the labors, and postpartum recoveries, of women who maintain core and pelvic floor strength. For all of these reasons, I am passionate about sharing this deep and effective method with other mamas. 

Bloom Method InstructorRuth Lightner


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Bloom Method Instructor

Madeline Souder


The power of movement has always been very clear to me. With over 25 years of dance experience, focusing on classical ballet, my passion for different forms of dance and exercise drove me to delve deeply into the realm of health and wellness.

After receiving my holistic health coaching certification from IIN in 2013, I began my practice with a focus on supporting individuals on their journey towards mindful daily movement, balanced food choices, and positive inner dialogue.

Over the years I’ve witnessed many friends and acquaintances experience difficult and traumatic pregnancies and births. I believe the fear and uncertainty surrounding pregnancy and birth is completely unnecessary. In response to what I was witnessing I shifted my focus toward providing support and empowerment to women as they begin to plan for a family and then become mothers. 

My hope is to be a resource to women who are looking for guidance when it comes to their mental and physical health as they experience the many changes that come with growing their family.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, as well as a Diastasis and Core Consultant. I am thrilled to be part of the Bloom Method team and hope to see you in class or in a 1-1 Consult

Bloom Method InstructorJanelle Gibson


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Sarah Bradford

Bloom Method Licensee | Owner of The Luna Center in Marin, CA

Sarah began her career in health and wellness as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor specializing in fertility and pregnancy, and as a HypnoBirthing® Instructor. Sarah’s passion for pregnancy and birth continued to grow during her first pregnancy with her son. While she was pregnant, Sarah was shocked to learn that there was no prenatal specific exercise in her area. After the birth of her son and a difficult postpartum recovery, Sarah turned to Brooke who helped her realize she had diastasis recti. They worked together to heal it and Sarah was able to re-enter exercise with confidence. 

Wanting to provide her community with the same empowerment, strength, and wellness that Brooke provides, she decided to become a Pre/Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer. Working closely with Brooke to learn the ins and outs of The Bloom Method, coupled with her background in holistic nutrition and childbirth education, The Bloom Method Marin was born!

Sarah is truly passionate and dedicated to helping other women feel strong, empowered, and educated in their pregnancies and births, and strives to provide her clients with the tools they need to have happier, healthier pregnancies and babies.