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Private Coaching Sessions

All sessions are conducted via Skype!

With private training via The Bloom Method, you will learn how to exercise during every stage of pregnancy, staying connected to your changing body and prepare for birth. You will gain a deep understanding of how to connect to your core whether you are preconception, currently pregnant or post birth. Our core techniques are both innovative and effective, providing you with the tools to create an awareness in your core that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. A session with The Bloom Method is a mixture of our exclusive labor training techniques (a challenging blend of cardio & strength training based movements), belly pumping core techniques; helping you to prevent abdominal separation, decrease aches & pains associated with pregnancy, teach you how to effectively “push” during labor and help you heal quickly post birth. 

When you choose The Bloom Method, you choose to invest invaluable tools that will last a lifetime. Choose to invest in yourself and baby by adding our exclusive techniques to any form of fitness method that you enjoy. We design each program to your specific needs/goals while meeting you exactly where you are to ensure challenging yet safe workouts through your pregnancy and postnatal journey. 

Private Bloom Foundations Crash Course

We work with women all over the world via Skype, teaching them how to implement The Bloom Method’s techniques into their pregnancy.

All new distance clients begin with a 90-minute Foundations Crash Course so that we can cover the basics of our methods/core breathing and innovative techniques to your current workout regimen and daily life. This is the best way to ensure that you understand the fundamentals of the method before moving forward. From here, you could schedule 45-minute follow-ups at your leisure to progress anything you were taught in the foundation’s session as well as begin your postnatal healing and re-strengthening. The foundation’s sessions are so thorough that a lot of women feel they support them with what they need for the remainder of their pregnancy while others choose to purchase 2-4 more sessions to progress exercises and techniques with our expert guidance

During the Foundation’s Crash Course we will cover:

  • How to breathe correctly in daily life and exercise
  • How to activate your core correctly in daily movements and core specific exercises to ensure the best results possible while preventing abdominal separation, incontinence, prolapse, low back pain, and other pregnancy related issues
  • How to use our foundational techniques to begin rebuilding your core unit as early as a few days postpartum
  • How to push during birth effectively ensuring less pushing time and quicker recovery
  • How to re-pattern daily actions to strengthen the neuromuscular connection to your core so that every time the core unit fires, you’re sending the same messages to the unit
  • How to modify your current workout routine to best support you as you get closer to birth

To help you retain what is covered in the session, you will receive a recap of the session via email within 24-hours of your session.


One-time Foundations Session (90 minutes): $250

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