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The Bloom Method’s Studio Bloom fuses challenging, effective workouts with cutting-edge birth-prep workouts and post-natal healing techniques. Wherever you are on your motherhood journey, you’ll find classes tailored for you, whenever you need them—middle of the night or middle of the day, intense workout or gentle movement, and whether you have 45 minutes to workout or just 6—we’ve got you covered!

Integrating Studio Bloom into my routine at home has created a consistency I’ve never been able to stick to in the past! The Bloom Method has been with me my entire pregnancy and postpartum journey. The classes prepared me mentally and physically for my unmedicated birth marathon. Postpartum, it was like stepping back into a familiar routine since I had already learned the techniques during pregnancy. I feel stronger and more empowered than ever!!

Samantha, Bloom Mama

I did a sample workout yesterday and loved it, so I went ahead and got the monthly subscription. Then I worked through foundation videos 1 & 2. I swear I could tell an immediate difference. This morning, I woke up feeling stronger in my core and just happier in general. The first thing I did was practice belly pumps in bed, as recommended in the video. Now, I am up and excited to move on to the next lesson! I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me! Thank you for creating such a beautiful program and easy to use app.

Kelli, Bloom Mama


CoreFORM workouts help you build a core foundation with loads of integrity. The exercises and techniques taught in this class will ensure a strong and functional core throughout your pregnancy or as you prepare for pregnancy.


In a BloomFIT class, you can expect to work your entire body, but we always start with core foundations mixed with core-based exercises to warm up your center and set the tone of the rest of class. This class builds strength and keeps our expecting mamas safe throughout!


BirthPREP classes use bouts of timed exercise & resting periods to mimic the way contractions move through the body. We will safely push you to your edge similar to a contraction while helping you to distract your mind yet stay in your body and surrender to the exercise.

Foundations Education

The Bloom Method Foundations are key to changing the way you move for life. The Diaphragmatic Breath and Belly Pump are our initial foundational techniques. Learning and mastering these techniques and our other foundations will not only ensure you get the most out of your Studio Bloom workouts, but they will also allow you to prevent injury and strengthen your body in a whole new way. Learn more about all of our foundations within Studio Bloom.

Diaphragmatic Breath

Diaphragmatic Breath

The first foundational technique within The Bloom Method is the Diaphragmatic Breath. This is the most vital component you learn within Studio Bloom. It may sound simple, but this form of breathing sets up the foundation for your entire core unit. When you think about strengthening your core, it should start with learning how to diaphragmatically breathe. Learn how within Studio Bloom!

Belly Pump Technique

Belly Pumping

The second foundational technique of The Bloom Method is Belly Pumping. Master the ability to connect to your inner core unit correctly both in daily life and while exercising with this powerful move. Belly pumping is the diaphragmatic breath paired with intentional activation with the same muscles that move with each breath. This move builds your deep core unit, strengthening, balancing and lengthening your muscles to give your body an incredibly strong foundation. Learn more inside of Studio Bloom.


Injury doesn’t have to happen to you during pregnancy.

Months and years of rehab don’t have to happen, and core exercises don’t have to be avoided *forever* because of injury. The Bloom Method empowers mamas with the knowledge to understand the beautiful way our bodies are designed to make room for a baby while learning to allow abdominal separation to happen naturally and without increased pressure in order to prevent injury and diastasis recti.

Studio Bloom classes are unparalleled to other prenatal classes and programs out there *because* we use techniques that have been proven to prevent and heal diastasis recti while preparing you for your biggest marathon yet, birth.

Want to discover exercises you can use to prevent diastasis? Join Studio Bloom today!

Discover exercises you can use to prevent or ease pelvic floor pain.

Don’t want to have to worry about peeing your pants every time you laugh or sneeze? *Do you want to* avoid painful sex after childbirth? Jump around with your kids without fear?

If you are battling pelvic discomfort during pregnancy we have classes to that will help you ease it and learn modification to support you.

If you are battling pelvic discomfort during pregnancy we have classes to that will help you ease it and learn modification to support you.

Join Studio Bloom today!


Inside Studio Bloom

Access On Any Device

Download Studio Bloom on your favorite streaming and mobile devices including: iPhone, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Kindle Fire.

90+ Videos

Access over 90 workout and educational videos to guide you along your motherhood journey.

Monthly Calendars

Stick with regular workouts by downloading our monthly calendars.

Foundations Education

Our Foundations videos contain loads of education and information around each aspect of The Bloom Method to keep you building your strength from your core.

Bloom Community Support

Enjoy the power of community, as part of Studio Bloom you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and find support from the group and Bloom coaches.

Series & Challenges

Join one of our series or regular challenges to stay motivated and build strength.

Nutrition & Recipes

Tap into nutrition information and recipes from our Bloom Method nutritionist to keep you thriving through pregnancy and into your postpartum period. We even have recipes for baby’s first foods!

Mama Meditations

Whether you just have a few minutes or need to wind down before bed, tap into our mama meditations to help find a little calm in your day.

Mobility & Stretching

Tap into stretches that will support and bring relief to your pregnant or postpartum body.

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We’ve got a FREE BirthPREP workout for you! This class is all about training you for your birth marathon. We designed the class to strengthen you both physically and mentally by mimicking the way contractions move in and out of the body during labor.

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30 weeks pregnant with baby #5 and I feel stronger and my core is more functional than it has been since before starting our family. I didn’t know it was possible to actually work on healing my abdominal separation while pregnant, even after working with physical therapists. Just wanted to encourage other mommas out there! It works!

Joelle, Bloom Mama

Studio Bloom Subscription Options

Get unlimited access to all of our classes, foundations education, support community, monthly calendars, series & challenges to support you along your motherhood journey.

  • Billed Monthly
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  • Unlimited Access to Workouts, Challenges, Calendars and more!
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Studio Bloom FAQs

The Bloom Method is a specific fitness method created by Brooke Cates using a combination of proven tools, techniques and exercise that prepare, prevent, heal and strengthen pre and postnatal women.

Women Trying to Conceive: When women prepare the body for the changes of pregnancy, the effects of pregnancy are much easier on the body + mind. It’s through early implementation of our system that women are feeling more supported, seeing more powerful results during pregnancy as well as post birth, and find themselves ready for what pregnancy has in store. It’s like preparing for the birth marathon, or any marathon for that matter. The more you can prepare your body for what it’s about to experience, the better you feel and the better your body responds. Implementation of our foundational techniques is a perfect way to set up for a successful pregnancy and postpartum phase. Through this, you’ll not only be setting up your body for a more comfortable pregnancy but you’ll also be able to amp up your current workout for more efficiency and better results.

Expectant Mothers: Movement is essential during all stages of life, becoming a necessity during pregnancy. Through regular exercise and successful re-patterning of daily movements, many discomforts and fears associated with pregnancy can be eliminated. Research shows that adopting the right fitness program during the 9 months of pregnancy provides endless benefits to both mom and baby. At the end of each pregnancy journey, you’re greeted by the mother of all marathons and we want to help you prepare for your birth experience in the best possible ways. We can’t promise you’ll find gentle workouts at The Bloom Method [you’ve got a marathon to train for] but we can promise that each workout will give you the safest, most effective, mind + body focused workout you’ll find in the prenatal world. We believe that by adding our methodology to your pregnancy, we can keep you doing what you love in the safest and most effective way possible. This method was developed with all stages of pregnancy in mind and our clients continue to see endless benefits from incorporating The Bloom Method into their regular fitness routine, for life.

New Moms and Postpartum up to 12 Years: You’ve been cleared to exercise but now what? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our expert guidance will provide you with the foundational strength needed to get you feeling like yourself again while adding an angle of rehabilitative care to re-connect, heal, & re-strengthen your postpartum body. We will safely progress you through exercises that are meant to challenge your body and stimulate your mind while gearing you up to be the strong mom you’re aiming to be. We guarantee that with our training, your fitness regimen will be more effective than ever before.

So glad you asked! Try out a free class here.

You can see all that we have in Studio Bloom by clicking on the Categories section in the upper left-hand navigation. If you click into each category you can see more information about each type of workout and our library of classes and collections.

Some basic equipment is required for a variety of our classes. You can filter within each category for what equipment is needed for each. We recommend having the following available:
Exercise/yoga mat
2 sets of light weights (suggestion: lighter: 3-5lbs & heavier: 10-15lbs)
Resistance bands (we like the ones with handles)
Mini loop resistance band (light, medium, or heavy)
Foam roller
Sliding Disks 
Mini Pilates ball 

We have two options: a monthly subscription that automatically renews at the end of every month and a yearly subscription. Whether you opt for a monthly or yearly plan, you will have access to the same materials!

We do not offer refunds. This is made clear in the terms and conditions and it is also why we offer a free class so mamas can get a glimpse of the program. Customer service is also very important to us and we would love to know how we can make the experience better for you!

CoreFORM: Are you currently expecting or thinking about trying to conceive? If so, this core-specific class is for you. Designed to help you build a core foundation with loads of integrity, the exercises, and techniques taught in this class will ensure a strong and functional core throughout your pregnancy or as you prepare for pregnancy. Forget about low back pain, pelvic pain, pelvic floor imbalances, abdominal separation, long pushing times and a long-term post-birth healing journey. This class is the perfect complement to all other fitness classes you enjoy doing, after all, we want you to keep doing what you love during your pregnancy – we just want to teach you how to find your core, connect to its deepest aspect and move in a more controlled a supported way.

BloomFIT: Our BloomFIT classes are designed for women who may be new to our method or would like to move at a slower pace. This class introduces some of our foundational techniques while teaching you how to implement them in the workout. Our BloomFIT class is perfect for all expecting women looking for a safe & effective prenatal workout.

BirthPrep: Our Birth Prep classes are perfect for expecting mamas who want a slight shift in their class routines. In these classes, we use bouts of timed exercise & resting periods to mimic the way contractions move through the body. During the bouts of exercise, we will safely push you to your edge similar to a contraction while helping you to distract your mind yet stay in your body and surrender to the exercise. We follow large bouts of exercise with resting periods where we shift the focus to diaphragmatic breathing to help you recharge your body & mind for the next bout of exercises {aka contractions}. Feel empowered and prepared as we train you for the birth marathon with this innovative labor prep class.

Yes! We suggest that when we instruct you to do single leg lunges in classes, just SQUAT! Keeping your weight balanced on both legs and not being too wide in your squat will significantly help to keep you exercising throughout your pregnancy. We’ll be filming some SPD specific workouts, but for now, just do squats or glute bridges instead of single leg exercises if you feel pain.

A couple of other tips and reminders:

  • See both a chiro and a myofascial specialist to help with the SPD discomfort. The two of those modalities together really help!
  • Belly Pumping + Deep Core Holds [these are covered in the foundational videos] can help from a stability component with the pelvis and SPD
  • You can also add inner thigh adduction by placing a foam roller in between your thighs and squeezing legs together as you belly pump along with the movement. This can help with stabilization as well and SPD LOVES stabilization. Do this seated or lying supine.

Absolutely! Our entire method is designed to prevent and heal diastasis recti. From our foundations that help you shift your daily core + breath focus to our workouts that are constantly training your pelvic floor and core with every move. If you’d like to learn more about the techniques we teach, we offer both individual skype sessions with one of our head coaches and our Studio Bloom online membership.

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