• Brooke has integrated the fundamentals of breathing, core stabilization and pelvic floor awareness into a safe method that enables women to not only gain strength and stability during pregnancy, but also prepares them for a healthier delivery and postpartum period. As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I wish more fitness professionals had the knowledge and expertise that Brooke brings to the industry. I always feel very comfortable referring my patients to Brooke because I know that her methods are safe and align with the physical therapy model of functional stability, posture and strength.

    Dr. Betsey Stec PT, DPT
    N2 Physical Therapy
  • Dr. Allison Hill, a Los Angeles-based OB/GYN says this method is safe. “Overall, women who exercise during pregnancy have less chance of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, needing medical interventions or needing a cesarean,” Dr. Hill says. “Anything that keeps your core strong is helpful.

    Dr. Allison Hill
    Los Angeles-based OB/GYN
  • Along with prenatal vitamins and regular doctor’s appointment,The Bloom Method should be an essential part of your prenatal experience. Brooke’s knowledge and passion for pre-and-postnatal health and wellness is unmatched. Thanks to the regular workouts and the prenatal exercises that Brooke taught me, I feel amazing, and my belly is tight (no one can believe that I’m almost 7 months along!) The Bloom Method is a fundamental investment in baby and mommy’s health.

    ~ Bonne Rada

  • Brooke and the Bloom Method were hands down one of the best parts of my pregnancy. I felt so strong and empowered, I knew that I had nothing to fear going into labor because Brooke and I had trained and I was STRONG! – Kate S.

  • Thank you for restoring my faith in the birthing process. I am in awe of your constant inspiration. Thank you for shaping my return to motherhood and being there to support me from start to present. Words are not enough to express my breathlessness. ~ Heather Lyn, Lafayette, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesearan)

  • You really listened to us in the prenatal visit and offered lots of useful ideas which helped us prepare fully for the birth. At the time of labor, you were totally perfect, with helpful words, actions, and emotional support. You were strong and soothing. I really got the birth I had hoped for, but couldn’t imagine I would have. Your support postpartum has been awesome with great breastfeeding tips, recovery advice, and more. ~ Kate, Boulder

  • You won’t find another person like Brooke, in this whole world. The inspiration and motivation she carries is way beyond what most people hold. the knowledge she has about pregnancy and post pregnancy exercise is something you will want to connect with, and continue to work with. Taking a step to work with Brooke is making a choice to support your whole life: family, baby, body, mind, spirit. thank you Brooke for making exercise and fitness such an essential and safe part of pregnancy.

    -Cielo Lyn, Bodyworker & Healer

  • I can’t thank you enough! I felt strong going into this delivery and feel strong now. I pushed her out in 10 minutes. So fast and so strong! My body feels incredibly capable and able to take on this recovery. Thank you thank you thank you!
    ~ Sara G.