Labor Prep + Prenatal Class in Boulder

Who’s This Class For? Any and all expecting moms who are wanting to “Train for the birth marathon” and have been active throughout their pregnancies. As much as we’d love to train all of our pregnant mamas for labor, we don’t recommend attending this class if you haven’t stayed active participating in at least 20 mins of moderate exercise 4 days a week. Pregnancy isn’t the best time to begin an exercise regimen and we want to make sure all of our moms & babies stay safe. This class is ideal for our avid hikers, athletes, and active women who want to be more physically & mentally prepared for their births. 

What’s It All About? The Bloom Method’s Labor Prep classes are a challenging blend of strength training, breath work & cardio based movements that will challenge your body and mind in preparation for your labor experience. Each class will cover unique & innovative techniques created by The Bloom Method to prepare you for labor, teach you how to “push” effectively, prevent abdominal separation, and even help heal your body post birth.

What Makes It So Awesome?  Our Labor Prep classes are a one of a kind class ONLY offered by The Bloom Method, using one of our signature training method’s, CBIT (contraction based interval training) to get you moving in a way that will challenge you, giving you the stamina and mental focus you will need in the birth room. We believe that birth is the hardest, most fulfilling marathon on the planet. When you show up more prepared, you’re empowered and feel more in control of your experience. Join us today and Train for YOUR birth marathon. 

A Note From Brooke: “If you have fears surrounding your birth or simply know the challenges you will face in your upcoming labor process and want to enter into this space more empowered and prepared, add this class to your weekly schedule. My clients see tremendous benefits from these labor training techniques and now you can too. Our Labor Prep class will truly change the way you live out your pregnancies and experience your births. I hope you will join us in this powerful fitness based class as we redefine pregnancy exercise. 

Classes begin in April at the Mama’hood Boulder

Mondays @ 11AM | enroll here

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