Bloom Instructors

brooke cates the bloom methodBrooke Cates

Founder + CEO

Hi mamas! I’m beyond thrilled to share my method as it’s helped thousands of women just like YOU!  I created The Bloom Method with a desire to empower women through movement before, during & after their pregnancies. Realizing that there were huge missing links in both the mainstream & pregnancy fitness worlds, I wanted to create a fitness method that empowered women throughout their pregnancies, teaching them tools that would help to prepare them for labor in a new way while providing them with techniques that would far outlast their pregnancy and postpartum journey. Using various groundbreaking methods, I provide pregnancy + exercise fitness to mamas around the world.  I’m a certified personal trainer, Pre & Postnatal corrective exercise specialist, Core rehabilitation specialist and Pre & Postnatal holistic health coach.

I have spent years immersed in education surrounding pregnancy and exercise, modifications of movement during pregnancy, specific breathing techniques and how a woman’s connection to her body during pregnancy creates endless benefits for both mom and baby. My passion for empowering pregnant women through body awareness and movement techniques is contagious and I hope to leave you feeling strong, confident and more prepared for your birth experience.

The Bloom Method is a specialty Pre and Postnatal exercise method that consists of diastasis recti rehabilitation + prevention, labor training, functional exercise movements & innovative core techniques that will keep you strong and thriving for years to come. I use various methods of each of these to prepare my clients for childbirth along with the mental & physical demands of being a new mom.

I believe that women have the ability to gift their children with crucial health benefits during the 9 months of pregnancy. Adopting a safe & active lifestyle can provide the building blocks needed to ensure these benefits. Regardless of how you enjoy staying active, I look forward to providing you with the tools to guide you through the next stage in life while redefining the way you exercise during & post pregnancy.

Ruthie Lightner


Being gifted with a heart for women’s health and wellness, I began my pursuit in undergrad studying health education and nutrition. At this time I started teaching various group fitness classes geared towards women. Upon graduation, I continued working with women of all ages to help them attain their personal health and fitness goals.

After two years of this endeavor, I took a hiatus from the fitness world and moved to my love for education working with moms and their children with diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder. This season culminated a desire to serve the mom + baby population using my passion and knowledge for health and wellness. My desire is to give women the opportunity to work-out in a functional, healing, and encouraging way. This led me to the Bloom Method; I appreciate this approach to fitness and the impact TBM is making in the pregnancy community and beyond.

 My passion and pursuits revolve around working in women’s health – through thyroid, digestive and hormonal healing. My dream is to encompass my expertise in nutrition with fitness. Daily, I am encouraged by guiding women through shifting their food choices and work-outs that are created for full body wellness!


Madeline Souder


The power of movement has always been very clear to me. With over 25 years of dance experience, focusing on classical ballet, my passion for different forms of dance and exercise drove me to delve deeply into the realm of health and wellness.

After receiving my holistic health coaching certification from IIN in 2013, I began my practice with a focus on supporting individuals on their journey towards mindful daily movement, balanced food choices, and positive inner dialogue.

Over the years I’ve witnessed many friends and acquaintances experience difficult and traumatic pregnancies and births. I believe the fear and uncertainty surrounding pregnancy and birth is completely unnecessary. In response to what I was witnessing, I shifted my focus toward providing support and empowerment to women as they begin to plan for a family and then become mothers. 

My hope is to be a resource to women who are looking for guidance when it comes to their mental and physical health as they experience the many changes that come with growing their family.

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, as well as a Diastasis and Core Consultant. I am thrilled to be part of the Bloom Method team and hope to see you in class or in a 1-1 Consult

Samantha Campanile Bloom Method Instructor

Samantha Campanile


Samantha joins the Bloom Method fresh from her retirement of a 15-year professional dance career touring the world with The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. With her extensive dance background, Samantha brings detailed knowledge of body awareness along with a passion for health, fitness, and inspiration.

The end of her professional performance career was also a new beginning and brought new life.  Sam became pregnant and at 14 weeks along found Brooke and The Bloom Method.

“I instantly felt grateful for this method, and the ability it gave me to still push myself in a workout while being confident that the movement was safe for Baby.”

Fast forward, and Samantha was able to have a natural unmedicated birth with no interventions, which she largely credits to her classes at TBM.  The community, knowledge, support, and care that TBM offers empowered Sam to head into Motherhood with confidence, and physical and mental strength.

“I am so happy to now be a part of TBM team as an instructor. I feel passionate about what this method can do for women and their babies because I am a first-hand example that it works!  I am excited to share my knowledge with Mammas in a positive and encouraging group class setting.  I look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!”

Michele Howard Bloom Method InstructorMichele Howard


“I truly believe the more we know our bodies, the deeper we can connect to our bodies, the deeper the connection…the greater the self love.
Mamas, I can’t wait to meet you and help guide you through the Bloom Method practice. I have experienced first hand how this method can deepen the connection to your body and create a space for love and motherhood to blossom.
I began my fitness journey at a young age and continued it through the competitive landscape of college athletics. After college, I spent years in the medical device field within several roles including medical education, product specialist, and a sales consultant position. Throughout that time, I cultivated a true focus on anatomy, alignment and the deepening of the mind/body connection. During my career, I also trained and became a group fitness instructor. After several years in that space, I am thrilled to join the Bloom Method team.
My heart beats for mamas who want to feel strong and capable throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey. It is one of the most amazing, unique and dare I say intense times a woman can go through. I speak from my own experience and from those women I love the most. The need for support and proper engagement of our core unit is evident. The blessing is this…we finally have a method to guide us through this journey and beyond.”